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Peter Anzalone

TDI Development Corporation
As 30-year veteran of the cable and telecommunications industry, I am focused on the development, growth and marketing of new products. Over the last 10 years, I’ve built three engineering companies providing new solutions within video.

You should talk with me about:
- Being a sounding board
- Advising your startup
- Connecting you with people how can make a difference
- Crazy ideas that need grounding
- Doing the impossible

With both a technical and marketing background, I am able to initiate solutions that are not readily apparent, even amongst well versed engineers. During my tenure at Time Warner, these abilities allowed the marriage of many existing, but seemingly incongruent, technologies. My teams have developed, deployed and effectively marketed 5ESS based telephony, VoIP, digital cable, video processing, cable modem and video-on-demand services. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing serving over 300,000 subscribers across Central Texas, my accomplishments include numerous new product rollouts, cross-platform marketing, product repackaging, due diligence and new acquisitions. Positions across the country within franchising, programming, technical support, operations, IS, budgeting, contract negotiations and new business development. It is this wide scope of experience that allows me to manage disparate teams, educate and advise all stakeholders.