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Formula One Teams' Association

Objectives of FOTA

  • to promote the development of Formula One and enhance its worldwide image and reputation;
  • to represent, defend and promote the interests of its Members;
  • to allow its Members to debate, within the corporate bodies of FOTA, any issue (in accordance with the Articles of Association) regarding the Formula One industry and/or Formula One racing;
  • to co-operate with the FIA, in particular by submitting proposals for amendments to current technical and sporting regulations or for new regulations aimed at:
    • promoting all aspects of safety in Formula One;
    • achieving best practice in regulatory governance;
    • securing long term rule stability;
    • ensuring that Formula One remains at the pinnacle of motorsport as the most technologically advanced formula in the sport,
    • promoting close, exciting and entertaining racing; and
    • ensuring that competitive advantage will come principally from developments in road-relevant technologies, including technologies which will reduce the environmental impact.

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